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The empty space.

Mataraga, Francesca, Art, College of Fine Arts, UNSW


  • Title:
    The empty space.
  • Author/Creator: Mataraga, Francesca, Art, College of Fine Arts, UNSW
  • Subjects: Space (Art)
  • Resource type: Thesis
  • Type of thesis: Masters
  • Date: 2007
  • Description: The Empty Space project aims to explore the interior and exterior space of an object through the use of Perspex. The solidity of the concrete or minimalist art object and the space that it physically occupies will be challenged by the use of visually ambiguous material. Physically solid yet visually transparent or reflective, perspex challenges our perception of solidity - what is internal and what is external. It is by nature a subversive and ambiguous material. The visual transparency of the material contradicts the physical presence of the object it creates. It creates a play between presence and absence. It is this spatial contradiction that this project exploits in order to create physical and visual tension. The solid physicality of the objects will directly draw on the tradition of concrete art and the language of minimalism. The visual transparency of the material will however, subvert this language both conceptually and literally. This will make the relationship between internal and external space more complex, challenging the physicality of the art object and questioning the nature of solidity.
  • Language: English
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  • Print Availability: CT/2007/7 ()

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