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My Choice Matters Evaluation - Stage 4 and Final Report

Griffiths, A; Nethery, D; Robinson, S; Bates, S; Kidd, E; Kayess, R

2017 ;DOI:10.4225/53/58f56b245333f

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  • Title:
    My Choice Matters Evaluation - Stage 4 and Final Report
  • Author/Creator/Curator: Griffiths, A; Nethery, D; Robinson, S; Bates, S; Kidd, E; Kayess, R
  • Faculty and School: Arts and Social Sciences, Social Policy Research Centre staff
  • Subjects: disability support; self-directed support; capacity building
  • Resource type: Report
  • Type: Not-For-Profit
  • Date: 2017
  • Publication details: No. SPRC Report 05/17
  • Publisher: Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney; Sydney
  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI): doi:10.4225/53/58f56b245333f
  • Commissioning body: NSW Council for Intellectual Disability
  • Permissions: This work can be used in accordance with the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.
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  • Description: The Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney was commissioned to conduct a formative evaluation, whereby the My Choice Matters (MCM) processes and outcomes are evaluated as the program is implemented, with feedback provided to stakeholders to allow them to modify program elements asnecessary. The overall objectives of the evaluation were to explore:• How MCM increases people’s skills and knowledge• How those skills and knowledge have led to people taking action, and• What barriers (if any) prevented people from having successful outcomes.This evaluation assessed the short and medium term implications of MCM for building the capacity and confidence of people with disability and families to make choices about self-directed support.The evaluation was conducted in four phases. Evaluation findings from earlier phases of the initiative have informed program development in later phases.The findings relate to the process of implementing the program as well as the outcomes for participants in the program. The evaluation intends to form an assessment of the effectiveness and appropriateness of MCM.

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